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MC Pekarna is a constituent part of the squat Pekarna in Maribor. The club began with its activity soon after the occupation of the former army complex in 1994. Aftr the closure of the MKC Club in Orožnova ulica, Maribor where until then  the alternative people of Maribor gathered and socialized, MC became the central gathering place for rockers, punkers, metalheads and similar different thinking people right after opening. Today the club can pride on a regular and top-level alternative club and concert programme and is considered one of the most active clubs, in Slovenia and internationally.

The club does not privilege any specific subculture but tries to support all those that are unsupported by commercial bidders.

The activities in the club are very versatile. In the day time the club is open as a coffee house and an exhibition grounds, info spot, social playhouse and more, and in the evening programme, mostly on weekends, we have regular DJ nights, concerts, performances, jam sessions, workshops, thematic music nights, karaoke and more.

The Club is intented for members of Kulturno društvo Mladinski center IndiJanez. The number of members exceeds 5000. You can become a member every day during opening hours, except during events taking place (usually after 10pm on weekends).



The building where the club is in now, was built in 1897 and served as a zwieback bakery. Hence the current name of the complex - Pekarna. The bread baking didn't stop even with the change of authority during WW1 and WW2, not even after the wars and in the last years they supplied the Jugoslavian army with delicious bread, up to 1991 when Slovenia became independent. The Slovenian Army thus inherited a great number of similar army buildings that weren't used straight away because of lessened needs of the own army. The youth very soon noticed the abandoned buildings and thought that the abandoned complex could serve a higher purpose – us, the young alternative people that squatted the building in 1994. We refurbished the places with our own hands and means, and therefore we respect what we have and do so much more.

The question of the Pekarna status is still not resolved, however that doesn't stop the mass of creative people who work here in different areas: culture, education, ecology, welfare, sports, ... All of it of course a bit differently – uncommercial, unistitutional, alternative. At least we try to keep it this way.

The ovens that ornament our place still remind us of the history today and the chimney that rises high above the roof of the club somehow symbolises the upright posture and defying of time.



  • the building was built in 1897
  • Club MC – Pekarna is located in a former army bakery
  •  the place was occupied in 1994
  • today it is active as a place for socializing and production of young alternative people

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... z namenom zagotavljanja kvalitetne spletne storitve in funkcionalnosti, ki jih brez piškotkov ne bi mogli nuditi.

Naš spletni portal uporablja piškotke

... z namenom zagotavljanja kvalitetne spletne storitve in funkcionalnosti, ki jih brez piškotkov ne bi mogli nuditi.

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